Rising energy costs and the struggle to reduce harmful environmental practices are forcing many businesses to come up with effective new ways of addressing both issues without going broke in the process.

Aside from the traditional ways in which all know how to conserve energy, including raising the temperature of air conditioners, lessening the usage of electricity by using energy efficient bulbs, and planting trees, many business owners are wondering just how much more can they do in order to save money and the environment.

A multi-purpose solution to both of these problems is using Solar Cool’s Insultec, a heat reflective paint that conserves energy and lasts for years to come.

The Insultec paint, available from Solar Cool, is a water based co-polymer compound that contains naturally occurring pigments that are able to reflect 90% of infrared rays and 86% of ultra violet light from penetrating a surface or structure.

Insultec is a roof insulation that can extend the life of the roof by more than a decade, possibly saving thousands of dollars in cooling costs. The Insultec paint is available in a variety of colours and for use on a number of commercial materials.

Commercial roofing professionals around the world use Insultec on a wide variety of roofing surfaces including concrete, asphalt, and aluminium.

The Insultec paint’s waterproof, rust proof and energy saving attributes make it a significant product for metal roof insulation.

Applying Insultec during flat roof insulation is a moderately easy application process due to the ease of access to the roof’s surface, and the fact that problem areas such as cracks and crevices can be reached without causing undue stress on the roof and the underlying structure as well.

Using Insultec is not just limited to reflective roof insulation, although it is widely used for roofing paint. It can also be used for asbestos encapsulation and waterproofing inside commercial buildings as well.

By using Insultec, businesses are able to prevent more expensive repairs including total roof replacement. Eliminating these large construction projects prevents the unnecessary disposal of hazardous materials, especially in the case of asbestos removal, and protects the environment at the same time.