According to Solar Cool , industrial metal roofs offer a number of benefits and drawbacks worth considering.

The Advantages

  • Fire resistant: Metal roofs are not combustible (although underlying insulation may be) and therefore decrease the risk of fire.
  • Lightweight: Almost all forms of metal sheeting is lightweight compared to shingles, tiles, and flat roofing materials. The lightweight construction means it’s easier to install.
  • High life-expectancy: Metal roofing can last up to half a century if it is cared for properly and covered with a heat reflective coating that will protect it from harmful rays, pollutants, and water damage.
The Disadvantages
  • Can be loud: Rain, hail, animals, and debris hitting the roof of a commercial building can contribute to what may already be a noisy environment.
  • May be damaged: Dents, chipping, and fading can all occur from normal wear and tear and falling debris. In some climates, hail can also prove to be damaging as well. Damage can occur in the process of repairing the roof if workers are not careful.
  • Constriction: Metal contracts and then expands according to outside temperatures which can result in damages if it is not installed correctly to allow for expansion.  
Almost all the disadvantages of purchasing a metal roof can be offset with the use of heat reflective coatings and paintings which can provide a protective seal against weather and damage.

Things to consider when choosing a metal roof:

  • Business needs:  Every business has specific needs including required space for workers, equipment, and supplies.
  • Environment/surroundings: Is the business located in an arid or humid climate? Is it in a high altitude or basin? Does it rain a lot or do droughts occur regularly?
  • Budget: How much money is there to spend on materials and labour? Is more money available to be spent if it is required? Does the budget allow for changes in design and repairs that may need to be carried out before work can begin?
  • The future: What is the future of the business? How long will the business remain in the building or on the premises? Will the business eventually be expanded? Will the expansion be upwards or outwards?