Smartstone presents the Smartstone Complete Collection 2017 featuring the Santorini, Toledo, Paris and Milan Collections of quartz surfaces.

The Smartstone Complete Collection 2017 consists of magnificent new surfaces that perfectly replicate the depth and veining of natural stone while delivering the practical benefits and affordability of quartz. 

Each new Smartstone surface is meticulously sourced globally and manufactured using advanced technology to create the most natural looking veining and colour available in engineered quartz today. The new Smartstone surfaces enhance the existing range of gorgeous, versatile colours and patterns housed within the four European-inspired collections to reflect each palette and character.

The Smartstone Complete Collection 2017 represents the culmination of a 15-year journey dedicated to providing Australians with the ultimate surface choice. Combining luxurious finishes with an affordable price tag, the collections are distributed across a simple cost structure to assist with easier selection of the best Smartstone surfaces to fit the budget.

Smartstone’s four price points are based on the composition and pattern of the surface and are not a reflection of product quality.


Beautiful and affordable with all larger slabs measuring 3000mm x 1500mm.


A collection of premium surfaces, offering refined grains and natural looking patterns.


Some of the world’s most luxurious stone surfaces, including Smartstone’s superb veined collection.


Innovative surfaces that beautifully replicate natural stone with their distinctive veining on a luminous white background.