Following the ban on engineered stone, Smartstone will release its Sintered Collection in March this year. Fully compliant with Federal Government requirements, this new surface range redefines manufactured stone aesthetics, performance and capabilities, continuing Smartstone’s 21 years of industry innovation.

The sintered stone difference.

Sintered stone is a surface material which has been rapidly growing in worldwide popularity as a beautiful, hardwearing and sustainable surface choice. It differs from engineered stone in its manufacture and composition, using a ‘sintering’ process that comprises all natural materials and uses no resins, adhesives, quartz or metal compounds.

Sintering replicates millions of years of the earth’s metamorphic processes by combining advanced stone manufacturing technology with natural fusion techniques. Intense heat and immense pressure bind raw materials to create an ultra-compact, non-porous stone surface with a refined aesthetic.

Exceptional performance.

With its next-level durability, the Sintered Collection takes the beauty of Smartstone surfaces beyond interiors and into the great outdoors for the first time. It offers near-endless indoor applications, from benchtops and bathroom vanities, to fireplaces and furniture. The added resilience of UV stability and fire- and weather-proof properties make sintered stone at home in any outdoor setting under the Australian sun. In every application, Smartstone Sintered Collection is highly resistant to stains, heat, chemicals, chips, scratches, UV, mould and bacteria.

Natural stone style. Sophisticated aesthetic.

Smartstone’s curated range of 24 stone-inspired surfaces is tailored to Australian tastes with European flavour. The Sintered Collection is housed in three price points: Pure contains the purest white and black, and versatile neutrals, while the Classic and Deluxe veined ranges include precise recreations of luxurious natural stones. Sintered Collection surfaces come in either Matt or Suede finishes and a choice of edge profiles. Veined surfaces offer through-body veining while bookmatching is available for selected surfaces.

Trusted quality. Affordable luxury.

While the Sintered Collection represents an exciting product evolution, the range maintains the many trusted qualities and values for which Smartstone has been renowned since 2002.

The new range continues Smartstone affordability, to make the luxury of living with stone surfaces a more accessible and viable option.

Large slabs (3200mm x 1600mm x 20mm) deliver economy while enhancing design freedom. Smartstone extends its commitment to environmental care with sintered stone’s sustainability and its eco-friendly and energy efficient production process.

The Sintered Collection comes with Smartstone’s 15-year Limited Warranty.