The four innovative Smartstone collections – Santorini, Toledo, Paris and Milan – launching in March 2017 represent the most sophisticated quartz surfaces ever released – the crème-de-la-crème – that offer the luxurious look of stone with the many practical benefits of quartz – and without a designer price-tag.

Santorini Collection

There is no white in the world that dazzles like the painted houses on the idyllic Greek island of Santorini. They resonate ultra-white against the blue of the Aegean Sea, one of those heavenly views that makes an unforgettable imprint on a traveller’s memory – and gave the inspiration to Smartstone’s Santorini Collection. As well as offering white quartz surfaces of matchless purity and perfection, our Santorini Collection presents some new white, veined naturals that perfectly replicate marble, such as Smartstone Statuario Venato. Looking into this surface you can almost see the ancient secrets of marble in its depths; in reality it is quartz, brilliantly engineered using world-leading technology.

Toledo Collection

Known as the heart and soul of Spain, the citadel of Toledo fascinates with its rich architectural blend of Spanish, Moorish and Jewish influences. Its warm, sunbaked palette charms travellers, from its creamy stone walls to its maze of cobbled streets. What better name, then, for Smartstone to name its neutral, cream and beige quartz surfaces than the Toledo Collection?

Soon, some innovative, incredibly natural-looking veined surfaces will be added to this popular and versatile Smartstone range. These include the stunning Calacatta Manhattan, which features dramatic veining with gold accents on a luminous white background.

Paris Collection

While the Paris fashion collections are in full swing around the French capital in March, Smartstone will be launching a new ‘Paris Collection’ of its own here in Australia. We won’t be staging a runway show but will be presenting a very stylish, directional and beautiful collection of quartz surfaces.

In our Paris Collection you’ll see inspirations from la vie Parisienne: the atmospheric greys of its chic streetscape in new Concreto; café au lait browns in Theron; luminous veined naturals such as Amara replicate marble sculpted by Rodin

Milan Collection

Milan moves fast. It’s sleek, chic and confident of its status as a European hub of industry, technology and design. Likewise, the Milan Collection of Smartstone quartz surfaces exudes edgy elegance with its striking grey and black palette.

This range is about to get even edgier, with Smartstone about to release some of the most innovative, natural-looking quartz surfaces ever seen. These include Smartstone Pietra Grigio that perfectly replicates the beautiful grey-brown Italian marble of the same name.

A priori, the Milan Collection may seem out of your comfort zone but don’t be afraid of the dark. It’s actually an amazingly versatile palette that will enhance diverse interior styles, from classic through to avant-garde.

Smartstone: the destination for quartz surfaces. New colours arriving in march 2017.  

For more information visit the Smartstone website.