The feel of the outdoors can be brought into a home with the Smartrock Fieldstone stone veneers.

With rustic, irregular shapes, the stone veneers emulates the natural stone shape found in Mother Nature.

Fieldstone comes in a range of colours including Flinders, Glenrowan and Avoca. 

The range includes corner and capping stones for a finished look.

Glenrowan Fieldstone has recently been installed in a modern Sydney home as a feature wall, with it extending outside.

The Flinders Fieldstone was recently installed as beaching under the bridges for the Melbourne M80 freeway upgrades.

Unlike heavy natural stone, Smartrock light weight veneers allow for easy installation and are cost-saving.

The stone veneers can create the look of a rustic Australian farmhouse, be used to create a stone fireplace, or even a garden wall.