The screen system, System W, is a totally new product from Silent Gliss , conceived by the Swiss designer Christophe Marchand. System W provides great aesthetic qualities and offers many practical possibilities in both private and public environments.

Used with the Silent Gliss 2500 Panel Glide, System W allows panels to be moved both horizontally and vertically. System W is ideal as a unique window covering but is also ideal for use as a backdrop in retail display, exhibitions or galleries. It also provides a flexible system for screening computer stations or screening off for sound insulation and privacy.

For extra flexibility the 2500 Panel Glide track can be added allowing not only the movement of individual panels up and down but also side to side.

All systems are ordered with a choice of either standard weights or with the sprung floor weights which give additional stability.

There is a wide selection of textiles to choose from depending on the application. Interior screen fabrics can be used effectively for work stations and windows, whilst Colorama offers nearly 50 colours for a bolder look.

Graphics can also be added for point of sale or corporate display.