ShutterKits offer readymade hardwood shutters using strong, durable Poplar timber that machines and paints well. Poplar is ideal as it is a workable and easy to paint timber.  

The timber shutters are spray-painted in an eco-friendly 2Pak PU (poly-urethane) paint adding to the high-quality finish.

The timber shutters include easy-to-assemble frames and standard hardware in the square metre price. Hardware is already installed into the frames and shutters making installation easy.

The hardwood shutters come in five standard colours with custom paint jobs available for a small charge.  

With centre rotation, Clearview is offered as an option for those preferring the louver look. Clearview opening shutters include an invisible link bar attached at the rear of the shutter and are opened by moving the blade.  

Readymade hardwood timber shutters have with 64mm, 90mm and 115mm elliptical blade options.