ShutterKits  offers Do It Yourself kits with which shutters can be assembled easily, by following given instructions. The basic tools needed for assembling this kit are rubber mallet, cordless drill with cross-head bit, PVA glue, small straight blade screwdriver, approx. 40Mm x 40mm – 600mm long and 2 support blocks of clean timber.

The DIY kit from ShutterKits consists of 1 top rail, 1 bottom rail, 2 stiles-frame sides, 1 mid rail, 2 blade pin beads, 1 set of blades, 2 Alloy Tension Plates & Brass Screws, 4 screws and hole plugs and 1 rotation Bar and alloy link strip.

The shutter can be easily assembled, using the DIY kit from ShutterKits and the tools listed above. Aluminium tension plates should be first fitted to the beads with the given brass M3 x 12mm screws. The screws need to be screwed until the thread comes outside of the plate. Then the beads are fitted to the stile. The top rail is to be fixed scoop up and bottom rail, scoop down. Then glue is to be applied to the rail tenon and fixed to the stile channel. The mid rail is fitted then the blades are laid with the staples. The blade pins need to be fixed to the bead hole where the tension plates are fitted. Tension plates with the stepped pivot pin are to be fitted to the bead holes. Then the other stile is to be fitted and the screws are fitted through stiles to the rails. The blade staples, and then the slot need to be fixed with glue. Finally the stile plugs need to be broken out with the blade screwdriver and inserted into the stile screw holes. The shutter is then assembled completely.