The Everdure range of e-barbecues, supplied by Shriro Australia , feature a unique 5 in 1 mult-e-cook system that allows users to prepare a wide selection of dishes.

The regulated heat control system used in Everdure e-barbecues allows users to smoke fish and meat at low temperatures, then move to high temperatures to roast any meat. Pizzas can be cooked using the e series ceramic pizza stone.

E-barbecues are fitted with patented angled grill plates that allow waste to drain away to a central waste collection system so that it can be disposed of quickly and easily, ensuring consistently healthy barbecue cooking.

The angled plates have been designed to allow heat to be more evenly distributed than conventional flat barbecue plates, reducing the occurrence of cold spots and improving cooking efficiency.

The e series of barbecues also features an integrated lighting system, powered by oven-grade halogen lighting, meaning cooking progress can be monitored without opening the hood, reducing incidental heat dissipation.

Supplied removable storage bins and paper towel holders can be stored in specially designed areas that can be customised depending on the needs of the user.