Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine presents FIRETEX FX6002, a revolutionary development in passive fire protection for steel structures, delivering exceptional long-term durability, rapid curing and time-saving benefits.

This breakthrough solution from Sherwin-Williams can provide up to 120 minutes of fire protection to traditional rolled steel elements, cellular beams and hollow sections. FIRETEX FX6002 has been rigorously tested to the requirements of AS4100:2018 steel structures, British Standards BS476 parts 20 and 21, and EN 13381-8 & 9 standards.

Featuring low volatile organic content (VOC) levels comparable with many of today’s water-based intumescent products, the coating offers quick-dry properties, leaving a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish, much superior to the finish quality typically achieved today.

Depending on the type of exposure, FIRETEX FX6002 can be applied without a primer and topcoat, helping optimise project costs.

Bob Glendenning, Global Fire Engineering Manager for Sherwin-Williams, describes the FIRETEX FX6002 as a game-changing technology that allows for transport of steelwork within hours as compared to days for conventional water-based, solvent-based and epoxy-based products.

"Projects carried out using the original Sherwin-Williams FIRETEX FX6000 fire protection found vastly reduced damage on shop-painted steelwork once erected. The new FIRETEX FX6002 retains this mechanical durability while reducing the required film thickness. This decreases overall project costs due to lower material requirements and significantly reduced site touch-up requirements,” added Glendenning.

The expertise of the Sherwin-Williams Fire Engineering & Estimation Team (FEET) in prescriptive and fire engineered solutions, combined with the independently-accredited FIRETEX Design Estimator (FDE) software allows FIRETEX FX6002 to be fully integrated into a project’s design model and BIM operations, offering customers a safe and cost-optimised fire protection solution.

“Whether you’re an architect, a developer or an applicator, Sherwin-Williams offers a broader range of benefits and options than ever before thanks to the substantial advances we have made in intumescent coating technology. In modern construction, speed of build is critical, and this product meets that challenge,” said Roger Williams, Market Director – Fire Protection for EMEAI & APAC at Sherwin-Williams.

Sherwin-Williams’ diverse range of fire protection coatings has been applied to a number of landmark construction and engineering projects across the globe including London’s The Shard, The Brunel Building and the Leadenhall Building, and Azerbaijan’s Flame Towers. Additionally, Sherwin-Williams recently supplied FIRETEX FX6002 to the Sydney Modern Art Gallery project and Jubilee Place in Brisbane, delivering benefits in offsite application program efficiency, superior aesthetics and significant cost savings.

FIRETEX FX6002 passive fire protection is now available through the extensive Sherwin-Williams distribution network globally.