From the day it opened its doors in 1998, Shade Factor has gone from strength to strength, building its reputation on custom-made, high-performance shading products using German manufacturing, rigorous engineering processes and client-focused service.

Today, Shade Factor is excited to announce a refreshed brand identity, consisting of a new logo, colour palette and brand essence of From Every Angle. The company's key values of Premium, Precision, Trust, and a Holistic Approach – four factors that have contributed to Shade Factor's success – are the foundation of the new branding.

It comes at a crucial time when Shade Factor establishes itself as a market leader capable of evolving with the times while offering distinctive, bespoke solutions.

“We felt it was time to capture in our corporate identity, the true ethos of our company, which has always been about sourcing and inventing better products for comfortable and sustainable living,” says Peter Skinner, Director at Shade Factor. “From Every Angle captures the commitment at Shade Factor to providing exceptional service and shading products to homeowners and quality technical and strategic advice across commercial project teams from architects, investors and facade engineers to sustainability consultants and cost planners.”

For over 20 years, Shade Factor has been the exclusive Australian agents for Warema of Germany, the world’s largest and most innovative blind manufacturer. A proud and passionate family-held business with more than 60 years’ experience, Warema is renowned worldwide as the industry leader in technically-advanced sun shading with multiple international design awards to their name. This partnership enabled Shade Factor to offer a wider range of solutions to the Australian market, leading to more complex projects, buildings and technology.

The demands of the Australian design community and the rising demand for environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient sun shading have greatly advanced since those early days. For a wide range of design needs, Shade Factor is well-positioned to continue providing more specialised and high-performing options.

Over the course of the company's existence, Shade Factor has provided shade engineering for numerous iconic projects. This includes trapezoidal blinds for the well-known and controversial shard of Federation Square and a plethora of complex shapes specifically designed for the facade geometry of John Wardle Architects' Sydney CBD tower. At the iconic Sixty Martin Place project in central Sydney, Shade Factor partnered with Lendlease and Hassell architects to supply 2800 blinds over 31 levels driven by a Warema KNX control system, which helped the building achieve a highly energy efficient six-star Green Star rating.

Shade Factor’s success is built on hard work, industry expertise and a passion for creative problem solving. The team uses its engineering know-how and First Principles design to create the best technical solution. By listening, learning and understanding the needs of their customers, the company designs completely unique solutions that reflect all considerations and requirements – regardless of scale, size and building type.

The future is bright for Shade Factor as they stand at the forefront of an exciting and growing industry both globally and in Australia. Building energy performance in the commercial and residential sectors are set to increase in line with international commitments to address global warming. This means increasing demands on energy efficiency, and more opportunities to innovate and experiment with their shading solutions alongside better window products, better control systems and higher performance elements within many components of the building envelope.

“We are proud to be a leading contributor to the engineering of better performing buildings,” says Peter.