Shade Factor  offers different types of external operable louvre blinds for protection against heat and glare. These sunshade products can be used for domestic and commercial buildings.

Warema 80 louvre blinds give external shading through retractable and operable louvres. This product from Shade Factor provides external view while blocking direct sunlight. Clear glass can be used for the windows and the need for artificial lighting also comes down with the use of this louvre blind.

SS 80 is another product having operable, adjustable 80mm louvres which reflect about 80% solar radiation to deliver diffused and uniformed daylight. This type of blind is adaptable to irregular shaped overhead and vertical windows.

SS 88 from Shade Factor is an interlocking louvre with integrated gutters, suitable for overhead and vertical glazing as a blackout louvre. It also acts as a shower proof roof for outdoors. This blind is available in natural and anodized finish and its slender proportions suit closeable roof systems.

External cedar blinds have red cedar protected cable, dipped in sikkens cetol exterior oil which acts as a mould inhibitor. The components are made using UV grade polyester and stainless steel. Cranked and motorized options are offered for this product.

Shade Factor also offers Asymmetrical external louvre blinds which is fully retractable, adjustable, adaptable to various shapes. Slats are available in various colours and in 50 or 80mm widths. This product can be used even on complex shaped windows.