SES Lighting  manufacture and distribute ENVIRON lighting systems. With more than two decades experience in manufacture, installation and maintenance of lightings, SES Lighting deals with HID tennis and sports lightings, commercial lightings.

SES Lighting deals with outdoor tennis lighting for residential use and clubs. Different lighting configurations are available for both LUX levels and budgets. For tennis lighting, low level lights are used which are mounted at a height of 7 metres above ground. Competition lighting should confirm to standards set by each state.

For competition standards, the 6 pole lighting from ENVIRON is used for tennis lighting. Residential standard is available at 4 metre from the ground from SES Lighting. For both the settings, the flood lights used have metal halide flood fittings. These floodlights have a sharp cut off and an environmentally friendly reflector for minimum light spill.

Commercial lighting is also done by SES Lighting. The commercial lightings are installed commonly in car parks, display yards, vehicle wash bays, service stations for security purposes. Applications from 70 to 1500W are recommended for commercial lightings.