Environ 1000 tennis court lighting from SES Lighting offers players the lighting performance necessary to reduce glare and provide uniform light distribution with effective and dramatic sharp cut-off.

The luminaire offers technical efficiency and environmental aesthetics, and features a simple design that is easy to maintain. The tennis court lighting uses energy efficient long life Metal Halide Lamps.

Environ 1000 sports lighting has been designed to provide a lighting system that will give lighting distribution and an illumination level that will equal competition standards. The tennis court lighting has been designed for low mounting and will provide more light on the playing area, while precise control by the sharp cut-off reflector will limit spill light beyond the edge of the playing area, and onto adjacent properties.

Environ 1000 tennis court lighting offers a practical and effective answer to providing high quality controlled lighting into environmentally sensitive areas for domestic and club courts and is the right choice for controlling light pollution.

Environ 1000 tennis court lighting is Australian made and meets local council requirements under normal conditions.

The long life 1kW metal halide high output lamps are the light source used for the ENVIRON 1000 tennis court lighting, maximising energy efficiency. The constant wattage ballast with matched series connected capacitor gives optimum lamp performance.

The lighting systems feature a distinctive contemporary design, sophisticated luminance with clean architectural appearance. Subject to variance in conditions, the lamps can offer up to 5 years (12000 hours) operation under normal tennis usage.