Seeley International announces the launch of five new products as part of their annual winter campaign.

Featuring clever technology, smart design, energy efficiency and easy maintenance, Seeley International’s new products include the 7 star equivalent TQS720 21kW ducted gas heater, side access 4 and 5 star ducted gas heaters, downflow 3 and 5 star ducted gas heaters, VRF air conditioning range, and MagIQtouch controller.

7 star equivalent TQS720 21kW ducted gas heater

Ideally suited for medium sized homes, this ducted gas heater can be used with the Braemar TQS730 26.6kW to create a 7 star equivalent heating range to suit more installations.

Side access 4 and 5 star ducted gas heaters

Available in 20 kW, 27.8 kW and 28 kW models, this range is designed for tight roof spaces, where access to the top of the heater is difficult. The clever design allows easy access to serviceable parts via the side of the unit.

ReBuff downflow 3 and 5 star ducted gas heaters

This relaunched range of 3 and 5 star downflow heaters comes standard with a gas pipe for easy gas connection, and is also available with a simple flashing kit that simplifies installation on an existing plenum.

VRF air conditioning range

The new VRF air conditioning systems expand the Braemar premium refrigerated range to include mini VRF systems, heat pumps and heat recovery systems. Designed to achieve perfect comfort in luxury homes and apartments as well as commercial projects, the VRF range offers flexible installation for high ceilings and contemporary home and apartment designs. The partial load performance of the 5th generation VRF technology delivers outstanding energy-efficiency and airflow performance.

MagIQtouch controller

Available in an all-white design to complement modern interiors, the updated touch screen controller has been significantly enhanced to include an improved ICS electronics and zone board, further increasing reliability and product quality on all Braemar TQ heaters. Wireless radio frequency and the option of a Wi-Fi smartphone app will be introduced later in July 2018. 

Seeley International Founder and Executive Chairman, Mr Frank Seeley AM, said the new products offered customers an expanded choice and will continue to deliver outstanding performance and advanced energy efficiency.

Greater design flexibility has also been achieved with the introduction of the new Braemar VRF range. Twelve indoor unit options that include ceiling concealed duct-type units, ceiling mounted cassettes, wall mounted inverter split systems, floor ceiling type and wall console units, as well as outside air processing units offer a wide range of design options.

The new VRF range extends Seeley International’s current offering of refrigerated products under the Braemar brand, and complements other commercial products, including Climate Wizard and Coolerado indirect evaporative air conditioning, Braemar evaporative air conditioning, and AIRA commercial air conditioning, heating and HCV ranges.

Mr Seeley adds that their team of engineers has taken their award-winning Braemar ducted gas heating range to the next level by developing new ULPG models that better cope with propane/butane gas quality variation.

Image: Braemar VRF range