What is a commercial-grade gutter guard?

A commercial-grade gutter guard is a gutter guard that has been specifically designed for commercial applications. It typically means that the gutter guard is thicker and more robust than those used in conventional residential applications.

Commercial gutter guards are increasingly popular in Australia as modern architecture and designs incorporate more box gutters and parapets. These larger gutter spaces require a thicker, more robust mesh to span.

Standard aluminium mesh, which typically has a thickness of 0.5mm, will begin to sag when spanning gaps over 500mm wide. The sag creates a dip in the gutter guard where leaves and other debris can accumulate over time.

By increasing the mesh thickness by 50%, ScreenTech found the gutter guard was more suited to a 750mm wide gap without sagging while maintaining its strength and durability over time.

ScreenTech also pioneered specialised gutter guard bracing, which allows a commercial-grade mesh to span gaps greater than 1 metre, including a very wide box gutter or on a parapet.

Should I get a commercial-grade gutter guard?

ScreenTech’s local Melbourne installation partners, Aussie Gutter Protection, use commercial-grade gutter guards such as ScreenTech’s Tuffmesh in over 80% of their installations.

The commercial-grade Tuffmesh line is also suitable for domestic homes and in settings where a standard mesh would have sufficed previously.

This is due to a combination of factors:

1. The mesh makes up a relatively small cost of a gutter guard installation, so upgrading to a more robust mesh has minimal price impact;

2. Commercial-grade products have more extended warranties than traditional gutter guard products (generally over 20 years), providing your customers peace of mind;

3. The aesthetics of thicker gutter guards is far superior; while the aperture size is the same, the thicker wire strands blend better with the roof from the ground;

4. People simply want the best for their homes and don’t want to compromise on a vital safety aspect, especially in a bushfire prone area.

ScreenTech’s advice is always to speak with your installer where possible. Most installers are well-equipped to advise you and give you the pricing.

ScreenTech is always happy to answer any questions you may have.

ScreenTech also provides curated sample packs designed for architects that include standard and commercial grade material samples. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.