The success of any building project depends on the quality of the team you select to work with you. Be it the contractor or material supplier, any mistake you make in your selection can cost you time and money.

Screen Tech Industries lists out five things to look out for when finalising your gutter guard supplier. 

1. Trade sales staff

Ensure that you will have access to a dedicated sales team with in-depth experience and expertise. Whether you want to design gutters to withstand adverse weather or fires, or for longevity, a knowledgeable staff member should be able to guide you to the right materials. 

More than that, the staff you’re hoping to work with should be willing to provide you with advice on simple and complex situations. A supplier is more than a shop; they’re a partner in your success. 

Screen Tech brings you the advantage of 20-plus years of experience and dedicated staff. Their expertise in the industry gives them a unique perspective about using different gutter products for different situations.

2. Large warehouse stock

When working with a supplier, you must ensure that they’ll always have what you need in stock. Be wary of suppliers who can’t confirm their inventory and delivery schedule, or have a constantly changing availability of stock. 

Screen Tech ensures that their stock is ready before, during, and after your job. Their top priority is providing what you need when you need it. No matter what your requirement is, Screen Tech has you covered.

3. Broad product range

When your client is relying on you to choose the best product for the job, you can confidently live up to their expectations by sourcing from suppliers who promise both quality and variety in their product range.

Screen Tech not only sources high quality products but is also up-to-date with the latest research and development. Our staff will guide you on the most suitable products for your job, and ensure work continuity with next day dispatch.

Screen Tech offers the most extensive range of gutter guard products in Australia, including fixings to suit all roof types; poly, aluminium and steel mesh options; and a range of speciality screws. If there’s something you need that we don’t have, our dedicated staff will source it for you. 

4. Quality products and a good warranty

Not all products are the same. Builders should check the product warranty and, if possible, any claims history. Some companies may offer lower quality products, and their warranties and claims history will reflect this aspect. 

Screen Tech offers a warranty of 25 years, reflecting their confidence in the quality of their products. Taking the time to check warranties will pay off as your customers won’t complain, and you won’t need to redo any work.  

5. Easy ordering systems

Some suppliers follow outdated ordering systems that can be time-consuming. Screen Tech relies on modern technology to ensure an ordering service that will allow you to ditch the forms in favour of a smooth online process. Our simple online system allows you to check prices and prepare a quote for your customers in a seamless process. 


When choosing your supplier, be selective. Their impact on your business is significant, and the wrong choice can leave you stranded. Following these five tips should help guide you in the right direction. Get in touch with Screen Tech to address any question.