Screen Art  provide a range of decorative aluminium panels which can be used to enhance the aesthetic quality of a home, for use as privacy screens, room dividers or to enhance a range of lighting effects.  

The company’s Floral Series decorative aluminium panels are designed for home owners who want to create a natural feel to the home. The floral panels come in a range of patterns including of willow trees, oak trees, wisteria flowers, wattle flowers and rainforest type patterns. 

All floral patterns can be mixed and matched and can be altered by the company to suit specific design requirements. A combination of patterns can help create a pleasing focal point in any room.  

Other key benefits and features of Screen Art’s decorative aluminium panels include: 

  • are cut from 3mm aluminium sheets for durability and flexibility
  • are housed in an easy to install, strong 50mm wide aluminium frame
  • are low maintenance with limited cleaning required
  • unlike timber, the aluminium panels will not warp, crack or rot overtime
  • all panels are Dulux powder coat finished to suit requirements including weatherproofing for panels that are intended for outdoor use