PYRANOVA fire rated glass from SCHOTT Australia has been incorporated by leading window and door manufacturer Paarhammer in their new window, door and sliding door systems.

SCHOTT PYRANOVA fire rated glass will henceforth play a significant role in the protection of houses in Australia’s bushfire prone areas with Paarhammer’s range of window, door and sliding door systems being approved for building in Flame Zone (BAL-FZ).
Victoria’s multi-award winning regional timber window manufacturer Paarhammer now offers fire resistant windows, doors and sliding doors that do not require additional shutters or fire screens in Flame Zone designated areas. With all the new Australian Standards and local regulations regarding building or renovating in bushfire prone areas (BAL zones), Paarhammer took on the challenge to further develop their famous tilt & turn timber windows, doors and sliding doors to withstand temperatures exceeding 850ºC for 30 minutes with a cooling down period of 1 hour to achieve the required Australian Standards.

The Paarhammer products passed all the fire safety and risk testing conducted by Exova Warringtonfire Melbourne with the readings showing the tilt & turn, sliding and locking operation in perfect working order. The inside of the windows, doors and weather seals showed no signs of the raging fire and heat of the test simulating the highest level of bushfire outside. Radiated heat through the windows and doors did not exceed 6kW, which is less than half of the 15kW allowed by the Australian Standard.

Paarhammer combined locally sourced red ironbark timber with SCHOTT ISO PYRANOVA double-glazing and special seals to achieve these results. Paarhammer now offers a full suite of bushfire safety products from BAL-29 and BAL-40 to BAL-FZ windows and doors. Their unique framing, sealing and secure metal-to-metal locking system as well as SCHOTT ISO PYRANOVA provide high energy efficiency (U-values from 1.1, air infiltration from 0.05) and sound protection of 45dB.

SCHOTT PYRAN and SCHOTT PYRANOVA fire-resistant glass

Manufactured by the company’s subsidiary in Jena, Germany, the fire resistant glass SCHOTT PYRAN and SCHOTT PYRANOVA virtually provide unrestricted application options for internal as well as external surfaces.

Both SCHOTT PYRAN and SCHOTT PYRANOVA are also available in double glazed or butt jointed systems. SCHOTT PYRAN G even offers fire rating as a bent panel.

Key features of SCHOTT PYRAN fire resistant glass: 

  • Monolithic, thermally tempered safety glass
  • Meets DIN EN Standard 13024-1 as well as ANZ standards
  • Made of borosilicate
  • Fire ratings of up to 3 hours integrity only (-/180/-) can be achieved

Key features of SCHOTT PYRANOVA fire resistant glass: 

  • Clear, laminated composite glass consisting of at least two float glass panes
  • Transparent fire resistant layer, which foams during a fire is incorporated between the panes
  • Applied in fire resistant glazing, avoids the passage of fire, smoke and heat radiation
  • Meets the fire resistant requirements for integrity only as well as integrity and insulation for many applications
  • Fire ratings of up to 2 hours integrity and insulation (-/120/120) can be achieved