SCHOTT Australia  announces the availability of Narima colour effect glass in three new colours, taking the total number of colour combinations to six.

Narima from SCHOTT is a special-purpose glass featuring a shimmering rainbow-like colour effect, and preferred by architects, artists and designers to create lively colour impressions. The special glass is now also available in yellow, orange and light green.

The colour of Narima glass varies depending on the viewing angle and the sun. This effect is achieved as a result of the various ultra-thin, mainly metal oxide coating layers applied to a base glass plate during manufacturing with the dipping method. The characteristic rainbow effect results from the combination of highly refractive and low refractive layers.

The facade of the Bavarian State Opera’s rehearsal building in Munich provides an example of the use of Narima glass.

Matthias Anton, Product Manager for Architecture & Design at SCHOTT AG explains that the huge interest of architects, artists, designers, glass processors and facade construction companies in Narima glass motivated them to add the three additional colours to the range.

Key features of Narima colour effect glass:

  • Scratch-proof and high chemical resistance
  • Dichroic colour effect glass available in formats up to 3.77 x 1.77 metres and 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12mm in thickness
  • Generally used in facade or interior wall glazings
  • Choice of colour combinations: Blue/gold, blue/green, green, yellow, orange and light green
Narima colour combinations:

  • Blue/gold produces a colour transition that lies between blue and gold during reflection and looks blue during transmission
  • Blue/green shimmers in colours between green and gold during reflection and between blue and green during transmission
  • Green varies between reddish, silver and gold during reflection, taking on a green appearance during transmission
  • Yellow has a colour transition that ranges from reddish to bluish during reflection and yellow during transmission
  • Orange features colour effects ranging from blue to silver during reflection and orange during transmission
  • Light green has shades ranging between reddish, silver and gold during reflection, and light green during transmission