The attorney general’s department recently published a booklet titled- Good security, good business- highlighting the need for the Australian business community to plan for better safety and security in the workplace.

This focus on safety has resulted in an increasing demand for security within buildings and Schindler has pioneered a new way to add an extra layer of protection called Schindler ID.

Schindler ID is a destination control system with integrated access control monitoring.

Schindler ID uses keypads placed at various predetermined points throughout the building to control destination.

By using personal identification such as an access control card or a PIN number the user’s access profile as well as individual requirements can be identified by the control system, which shows whether authorisation to the floor is allowed and then assigns a lift for travel.

Security levels for individual floors can easily be set by the building’s security manager – an important feature for staff mobility.

One landmark building where the Schindler ID is improving security is 66 Goulburn in Sydney’s CBD. Completed in August 2004, 66 Goulburn comprises 26 levels of commercial space.

Knight Frank Facility Manager, Ron Zachariah explains, “Being an A Grade building, we have to deliver a high level of service and security plays a major part of our service delivery.”

An important feature of the Schindler ID is that most major security systems can seamlessly integrate Schindler ID. This allows staff to move freely between different facilities using the same access control card, PIN number or a combination of both.

Zachariah continues, “Many of the tenants in our building have offices in other locations as well. With Schindler ID they can use the same security system that they have on other sites without the need to issue additional cards and pins.”

“From a facility management viewpoint, I like to think of my office as the brains of the building. The Schindler ID lifts here are extremely smart and I can control everything from my office. This saves me a lot of time and lets me get on with other priorities.”

Schindler ID can provide multiple levels of security, from simple access control to highly restricted use – all easily reconfigurable by the customer to suit specific requirements.