Schindler Lifts Australia has taken a major step towards sustainable operations with the installation of a solar power system at their head office in Sydney. The solar power system installed on the roof of the head office will act as an on-site power station producing nearly 45 per cent of weekday power requirements.

Renewable power generation is an important component of the global initiative to achieve the CO2 emission reduction targets agreed upon by various stakeholders in the Paris Agreement (2015).

Buildings account for approximately 40 per cent of global energy requirements, and are a significant contributor to global CO2 emissions.

Schindler Australia is embracing renewable energy to reduce these emissions; the new solar power system at their Sydney headquarters will prevent 151 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. Based on the outcomes of the initial installation, the company plans to double the size of the solar power system at their office and similar projects will be evaluated in other branches.