SCF Interiors opened for business back in 1989. They are specialists in the design, fabrication and installation of solid surface products in both the home and the workplace.

SCF Interiors deals in solid surface products from the following five reputable companies:

  • Corian by Dupont
  • Freestyle by The Laminex Group
  • Hanex from XFLO
  • HI-MACS by LG
  • Staron by Samsung

All of SCF Interiors' solid surfaces are modern and fashionable and have been designed to feel like silk, have the aesthetic characteristics of natural stone and the hygienic qualities of stainless steel. The surfaces are available in a huge range of stylish and trendy colours and they are also flexible enough to be used for a range of horizontal and vertical surfaces.

The solid surfaces are also environmentally friendly because they are firstly chemically inert and secondly they are reworkable which means that there is less waste in the fabrication stage of the project.

These solid surfaces have seamless joins which means that there is less chance that dirt and grime will become trapped in the surface. They have been awarded the highest NSF Food Zone Compliance which guarantees that they are hygienic work surfaces.