ScandiCo have been manufacturing external awnings and shutters on the Sunshine Coast since 1988. Many customers have since benefited from the advantages delivered by SandiCo’s exterior window shutters. These include: 

  • Shutters prevent sunlight from fading carpets and interior furnishings
  • Shutters are a long term investment since there is a considerable yearly reduction in the cost of heating and cooling homes
  • Light and ventilation can be adjusted to create a pleasant, softly lit atmosphere
  • The aluminium material of the shutters is coated in a fade resistant, non corrosive, abrasion resistant coating offering total protection from extreme weather conditions
  • Ecologically sound and beautifully designed, the ScandiCo exterior shutters from will offer customers peace of mind.
The exterior window shutters from ScandiCo can be fitted to the face of the building or in the reveal of windows and doors.