SBS Group manufactured and supplied all of the walls, joists and trusses for The Langdon, one of the largest light gauge steel framing projects in Australia. The Langdon is a large four-level apartment complex in Winston Hills, NSW.

Watch the video to find out how SBS Group overcame the many challenges facing the builder and saved approximately two months of the construction programme and associated preliminaries.

SBS Group has the expertise to find the smartest solution for every build.

Regardless of the complexity of the challenge you’re facing, SBS will consult, analyse and strategise to arrive at the smartest solution, beginning with the design phase right through to the delivery of frames to site.

Need a fast and easy-to-install framing system? Want a greater return on investment for your development? Looking to reduce labour on site? Frustrated with a tight budget? Consult with SBS Group for a smart solution.