Lightweight bulkhead framing systems from SBS Group were specified for the Stage 40 upgrade of Chadstone Shopping Centre in Chadstone, Victoria.

Designed by the Buchan Group, the upgrade features SBS Ultra Frame, a complex architectural bulkhead framing system, which was recommended by the builder, Probuild Constructions following a successful partnership for a previous refurbishment of the shopping centre.

SBS Group worked closely with the plastering contractor, supplying an extensive range of prefabricated complex curved and straight bulkhead frames. SBS Ultra Frame systems were detailed and engineered with superior cantilevering load capacity, replacing the proposed traditional and expensive structural steel.

Frames were curved in two or three directions and designed to incorporate services as required. Plasterboard was typically directly fixed to the frames.

Since the SBS frames were prefabricated offsite and delivered for quick and easy installation using a flexible joining system, there was no wastage or cutting required onsite. The use of EWPs for the installation also saved significant scaffolding costs.