When it came to the top level of an apartment project in Balwyn, Victoria, the builder, Orange Building Solutions chose the smarter option of light gauge steel over timber.

Designed by CHT Architects, Balwyn T Apartments features prefabricated SBS Smart Frame for the wall and roof truss framing.

Using a prefabricated LGS solution, the builder was able to complete a lot of the initial design groundwork before the arrival of the frames onsite. This allowed a streamlined and quick installation with positive flow-on effects to several trades.

Full shop detailing, engineering and framing layouts were combined with 3D virtual reality modelling and shop drawings, coordinated by the SBS Group team. Once the drawings were approved and signed off by the builder, SBS commenced manufacturing in a quality controlled factory environment.

The steel frames arrived in scheduled deliveries at the site. The lightweight yet high strength frames could be easily installed by hand.

By using a prefabricated steel framing system over timber, the builder was able to avoid typical problems such as warping, twisting, splitting, cracking or shrinking. The frames remain straight and true and once erected, no further straightening or packing out is required, saving on any future maintenance issues.