The Smart Hob system from SBS Group is a proven solution designed to increase efficiency and achieve savings in costs, labour and time during the execution of construction projects.

Contractors working on developments can replace conventional hob formwork with the Smart Hob system. Conventional formwork systems are outdated on a modern construction site as they cause delays through timber warping, concrete breakout and slow concrete setting among other problems.

With the simple Smart Hob system, the contractor can start cutting costs by 50 per cent while halving the labour component.

A proven alternative to traditional timber formwork, Smart Hob’s cold formed steel formwork is fixed to the slab, filled with concrete and conventionally tanked or sealed as required.

Learn through this eBook’s 7 real-life case study projects in Australia (ranging from 4 to 14 levels), how pre-fabricated permanent systems offer an easier, smarter and faster alternative to conventional hob formwork.

What concreting companies are saying about the Smart Hob system:

“We always use the Smart Hob – they are so much faster.” Jerry – Eltrax

“We can do Smart Hobs in half the time with half the manpower… It’s a good product and we love it.” Darren – Kosta Concreting

“All our sites are now running faster than ever thanks to this fantastic product.” Kris – MPA Construction

Download the free eBook right here and discover how these projects saved time, labour and costs with the Smart Hob system.