SJ Espacer by Safetyline Jalousie is a cutting-edge thermally broken louvre system engineered to revolutionise ventilation in interior spaces. When open, it effortlessly invites in natural airflow, promoting a refreshing atmosphere within spaces. When closed, it maintains an optimal level of comfort by efficiently reducing energy loss and safeguarding against adverse weather conditions.

Crafted with generous 220mm glass louvre blades, SJ Espacer offers a functional alternative to traditional awning-style windows while preserving unparalleled airflow.

Key features and benefits:

  • 220mm louvre blade: Designed for optimal airflow and performance, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  • 1500mm louvre span: Offering versatility and adaptability to various architectural designs and project requirements.
  • Thermally broken frame with weatherproof seals tested to AS4824: Ensuring superior thermal insulation and efficiency, meeting industry standards for quality and performance.