Safety Stride  presents the SS-SN-FT stainless steel stair nosing designed for superior slip resistance, easy cleaning and economy in commercial environments.

Offering a new approach to stair nosing design, SS-SN-FT stainless steel stair nosing is available in both 304 and 316 grade stainless steel.

The stair nosing’s bi-directional non-slip pattern makes it far more slip resistant than many aluminium extruded profiles while its natural stainless colour complements stainless steel architectural furnishings such as tactile indicators, hand rails and bollards.

A key advantage of the stair nosing is its 1mm thickness that allows it to be retrofitted to tiles and concrete while appearing flush with the substrate.

Key benefits of SS-SN-FT stainless steel stair nosing:

  • Extremely abrasion resistant for a long service life in all commercial environments
  • Non-slip, bi-directional pattern
  • Suitable for internal and external environments
  • Protects the leading edge of the substrate against damage
  • Does not support combustion – V0 flame retardant
  • Resists dirt entrapment, enabling easy cleaning
  • Rapid installation
  • High resistance to theft and vandalism (when installed using adhesive and fixings)
  • Available pre-cut and pre-drilled with complementary stainless steel fasteners