Safetech collaborated with Manchen Projects to design and install a custom vehicle lift at a home in Melbourne.

Security, privacy and quality were top of mind when designing this lift, with the client seeking a solution that would provide access to the garage below.

The car and platform emerge from below the ground; however, whenever the platform isn’t in its raised position, the pop-up barriers surrounding the lift rise to eliminate any fall hazards. This unique vehicle lift integrates seamlessly with the surrounding architecture, providing a usable entertainment space above.

Working with Manchen Projects, Safetech’s engineering team ensured that the surrounding ground planes matched the platform for a seamless transition. The shaft details were built within the required installation precision and the platform was designed to hold and lift 1400kg of Melbourne bluestone cobble pavers used in the surrounding spaces.

The scissor mechanism and walls were finished in Colorbond Monument to match the design scheme for the building, with the 2-pack polyurethane coating providing weather protection in their exposed position.

Remote operation allows the user to remain in their vehicle for the entire duration – this includes the operation of the lower-level doors and barriers. A turntable in the basement rotates vehicles for easier parking.