Safetech Pty Ltd supplied a custom-finished lift table to a confectionery company to meet the food grade requirements on their production line.

Designed to be mounted on one of the specially made trolleys in the production line, Safetech’s lift table features a stainless steel platform on a galvanised base with two pack epoxy legs and cylinders.

The purpose-designed lift table also features IP56 rated integrated controls mounted on a stainless steel enclosure.

As part of the total solution, Safetech’s engineers carefully tracked and calculated the loadings required to mount the lift table as well as the forces generated through its operation. This enabled the customer to manage their movements and mitigate any potential loss of load or damage to the structural integrity of the unit or trolley.

Safetech offers a range of lift tables in standard configurations to suit most applications. Get in touch with us for customised solutions to meet specific application requirements.