The Architectural Modular Series from S2K Identity Systems is a fully interchangeable aluminium modular signage system featuring a simple design and offering a broad choice of options.

Manufactured in Australia, the Architectural Modular Series of sign systems is recommended for interior signage, exterior signage, wayfinding signs, hospital signage, architectural signage, school signage, healthcare signage, corporate signage, door signs, personnel signs, directory boards and room signs among many more.

The Architectural Modular Series comprises of three components - inserts, base plates and sidelocks. While text and graphics are applied in the inserts, the base plate forms the backing panel or the substrate of the sign with the insert sliding into the base. The sidelocks, one on each side, secure the inserts and base plate together.

This signage system series allows multiple signs to be configured using different inserts that can also be updated or changed according to requirements. Inserts can also be made using paper or acetate sheets, simplifying the process of updating the signage.

The Architectural Modular Series offers multiple mounting options, making the system ideal for all interior and exterior signage requirements, ranging from small door signs to large directory boards.

The Architectural Modular Series offers a range of standard width and height sizes for the inserts. Insert widths are available in multiples of 52.5mm to a maximum of 1890mm while insert heights are available in increments of 21mm to a maximum of 1197mm. Inserts can be configured in a variety of layouts and designs to suit graphic requirements.

The Architectural Modular Series signage systems can also be supplied in a secure tamper-proof version for use in vandalism-prone areas or exterior applications.

Finish options include Satin natural anodised finish as standard as well as Mill finish, Painted finish, New York finish, Black anodised finish, and Gold anodised finish.

Image: AM Series desk mount sign