RSEA  offers a wide variety of road safety and personal protection products from various brands recognised for their quality the world over. One of the main categories of safety products from RSEA is the road safety sector. Barrier tapes and markings, barrier boards, crowd control movits, barrier flags, bunting and plastic flags and barrier meshes are available from RSEA.

Stak a Bloks, Wat Fill Hands, star pickets and star picket accessories are also available from RSEA. Non reflective and reflective cones for traffic regulation and warning lights and reflector lights are other road safety products from RSEA.

Rubber cable humps and speed humps, bollards of plastic and other materials are also available from RSEA. Special paints for line marking with anti slip features are also offered by RSEA. Paints spray and signage accessories like sign stands, frames, boxed edges, customised flat sign plates and standard plates are also available at RSEA.

Blue Rapta is the home brand of personal protection products from RSEA that produces products that comply with New Zealand and Australian safety standards. The range of products available for hire from RSEA includes arrow barriers, directional arrow lightings on trailers, speed cable humps and handi-block barriers.