Royal Springs’ refillable bottle type water coolers only need a power point, can stand anywhere and are easy to refill. As these units eliminate the need for ongoing purchase of bottled water, we may be able to save up to 80% of your current drinking water spend, (depending on your current usage of purchased spring water).

The water cooler has a 20 litre storage bottle affixed on top of the water cooler. The bottle has an opening on top, covered with a lid to allow the unit to be filled with your own tap water. Royal Springs provide a five or 10 litre refilling bottle for this purpose.

Inside the water cooler there is a large 10” x 2.5” internal filter. The filter is extremely efficient as it operates on the gravity of the water inside the storage bottle, rather than the pressure from the tap resulting in the water being filtered at a leisurely pace.

The filter has a reduction capability down to as low as 99.9995% and removes impurities such things as colour, taste, odour, sediment, chlorine, chemicals, organic impurities, heavy metals and bacteria static.

Please note: This water cooler does not remove fluoride.

Benefits of this product include:

· No storing of heavy 15 Lt. so called "spring water bottles"

· No paying for bottled spring water

· No risk of work-place injury from lifting heavy bottles

· No running out of so-called "spring water" in the summer

· No plumbing required (place anywhere)

· Free standing floor model or bench-top units

· No weekly ordering or accepting deliveries

· No logistics

Because the water cooler can be placed anywhere there is a power point, the Royal Children and the Royal Women’s Hospitals use this unit in up to 80% of their locations.