BMA selected turnstiles from Rotech Group Pty Ltd to ensure access control for nearly 2000 mine workers at their Caval Ridge mine site.

The mine workers were systematically transported from their accommodation village to the mine site by buses that collected and dropped them at the designated pick-up/drop-off points. However, the entry and exit of the workers to and from the site needed to be monitored. 

To ensure safety and compliance with QLD Coal Mine Safety and Health Act, BMA's primary goal was to obtain a solution that would not only facilitate easy accessibility for the workers but also capture live data of personnel who had entered or exited the site. 

The plan was to use Badge Scan Units (BSU) to scan employee IDs at the entrance and exit of the site, using the turnstile to control the movement of personnel. BMA therefore needed a turnstile system that could be easily integrated with the Badge Scan Units. 

Given the high volume of workers and only two bus pick-up/drop-off points, the potential for delays to the project was substantial in the event one of the BSUs or turnstiles malfunctioned. BMA sought a turnstile with high-throughput and superior reliability. 

The TriStar J Series turnstiles from Rotech selected by BMA are waist-high turnstiles installed at the entry and exit points of the site, and integrated with BMA's Badge Scan Units. Workers swipe their ID cards to activate the turnstiles before boarding the buses or entering the site. The solution provided by Rotech also included boom gates mounted with BSUs to control vehicular traffic. 

Designed for high volume traffic sites and capable of allowing 25 people per minute, the Rotech turnstile system enables BMA to achieve a goal of a four-minute turnaround to fully load/unload each bus. Rotech’s TriStar turnstile system has not only increased the efficiency of transporting personnel to and from the site, but also promoted a safer working environment by tracking and controlling mine access.

Key features of the TriStar J Series turnstiles include a robust, stainless steel cabinet; active arm, which drops in an emergency; turnstile designed to lock only in the event of unauthorised access, reducing power consumption and wear on mechanism; and integrated with any access control system. 

Rotech has over 30 years of experience in supplying high quality turnstiles and pedestrian access solutions for industrial and commercial projects.