Automatic supermarket gates from Rotech Group Pty Ltd are designed to provide a reliable access solution for retail stores, helping deter potential shoplifting and employee theft incidents.

A key concern for retail businesses around the world, theft by shoplifters and dishonest store employees is the biggest cause of retail shrinkage, costing Australian retailers nearly $3 billion every year, according to figures from the Global Retail Theft Barometer.

The Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) has listed out several risk factors and trends in retail theft. These include store floorplans with numerous exits and easy-access change rooms that provide shoplifters ample opportunity to conceal goods and slip out undetected; stores without security guards or gates; teenaged shoppers; low detection rates with shoplifters rarely caught; and lack of background checks of employees.

How retail security gates can help supermarkets deter thieves

AIC studies reveal that access control is one of the most effective measures alongside employee education for reducing theft within a retail setting. These studies also suggest that CCTV systems would only be effective when implemented as part of a larger multi-faceted approach.

Bulwark HB automatic supermarket gates

As an access control specialist, Rotech offers their Bulwark HB automatic supermarket gate to provide a functional and reliable access solution for all retail environments, including supermarkets, pharmacies, liquor stores, automotive and discount stores, and gymnasiums and sporting venues among others.

Key features of Rotech’s Bulwark HB automatic supermarket gates include electronic sensing monitors, adjustable microwave radar allowing for fast opening as soon as a person is detected; anti-tampering mechanisms to alert the store if someone tries to force the gate; durable 6mm thick steel housing; polished chrome finish to suit all retail settings; and optional matching barrier rails and posts with easy setup to guide customers beyond the pay point.

Retail shrinkage caused by shoplifting and employee theft incidents will impact the bottom line of the retail business. When shoplifters or thieves aren’t caught, and goods aren’t recovered, the business pays for it with reduced profits. However, restricting access with an automatic gate makes it harder for a thief to abscond, providing an effective deterrent.

The Bulwark HB automatic supermarket entrance gate is one of many solutions in Rotech’s range of retail security gates.