Rotech Group Pty Ltd supplied a comprehensive access control solution for a leading Australian seafood company to ensure hygiene and quality within their processes.

De Costi Seafood is single-mindedly focussed on supplying their customers fresh seafood that meets high levels of hygiene and quality.

To maintain the high product quality, De Costi Seafood required a smart solution at their processing sites that would not only control the entry and exit of personnel in production areas but also ascertain that the workers maintained a high level of hygiene. Apart from regulating the movement of personnel to and from the production areas, the access control solution also needed to make sure that the workers washed their hands and then used a disinfectant before entering these areas.

A ‘sanitising room’ at the entry into the production area requires every worker to wash their hands and walk through an automated foot bath, which then leads to the turnstile provided by Rotech. The special turnstile made of 316 stainless steel, also known as food grade stainless steel is suitable for food processing and handling. The turnstile was integrated with an alcohol disinfectant spray that automatically sprayed when the staff placed their hands underneath. A connected hand scanner simultaneously monitored the employees’ clock-in time.

Unless the employees disinfect and scan their hands, the turnstile will not unlock, blocking their entry into the production zone. When the employees exit the production area, they use the hand scanner to clock out.

The management staff also needed to access the production area; however, since scanning their hands would deduct time off their work hours, they required a separate access control device. The production area with its high exposure to water was not conducive for using an ID card with an RFID reader. Rotech provided silicon wrist bands for the management staff, which were not only waterproof and easy to wear, but also ensured that time was not deducted from these personnel’s work hours. The wrist bands could also be washed on a regular basis, eliminating even the slightest chances of contamination.

Since the sanitising room is cleaned and washed every night to maintain the required hygiene levels, the turnstile needed to be waterproof. Rotech supplied the Tristar J series turnstile, which offers IP65 protection and ensures a long lifespan.