A new range of safety light curtains from Rotech Group Pty Ltd will help companies meet all the Workplace Health and Safety requirements for automatic gates and doors.

Depending on the application, sometimes a single PE safety beam might not be sufficient to completely ensure the workplace meets all regulatory safety requirements. For instance, in the case of a car and caravan passing through an automatic gate featuring a single PE safety beam, it is very likely the gate may not be able to detect the tow hitch, and will close in between the car and the caravan causing damage and possibly injury.

The same situation applies to B Double trucks or Utes with pipes hanging over the edge of the tray. Both of these situations could lead to damage of vehicles or injury to personnel and could also result in legal action for compensation.

A simple yet extremely efficient alternative to conventional detection systems, Rotech’s new solution, the Sentinel HR safety light curtain includes up to eight evenly spaced beams, which can be used in situations where maximum coverage is required. The system’s detection range of 20 metres can cover up to two metres from ground level, thereby ensuring safety for a larger area. It can detect an item even as small as 20mm in diameter to avoid accidents and hazards. The light curtain can be used as a detection device for personnel as well as vehicles, ensuring safe access for all.

Sentinel HR safety light curtains are suitable for use with all gates, boom gates and doors in any weather condition with their weatherproof design.

Key features of Sentinel HR safety light curtains include electronic components housed in an anodised aluminium channel 26mm² with ABS plastic cover; compact design allowing installation in very tight spaces; mounting brackets adjustable up to 180° to get the perfect alignment; available in 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, and 2000mm lengths to suit various applications; wide 20m coverage; and extremely fast response rate of 120ms.