Rotech Group Pty Ltd introduces a new range of boom gates featuring PLC control for the first time in Australia.

Rotech’s Australian made Sentinel PL boom gate, the PL 400 is controlled by a programmable logic controller, allowing users to customise settings according to specific requirements. A handheld programmer with LCD display is also available for simple setup and maintenance.

Designed as a single boom gate solution for all applications with increased safety and new features, the new PL 400 boom gates eliminate the need to select a boom gate model to fit specific requirements. The PL 400 allows the user to get the standard PL program, add choice of accessories and customise several parameters.

The PL control panel allows easy installation of several accessories and options including up to 3 loop detectors (2 with in-built diagnostics) for extra safety to cover a wider area; choice of 12 or 24vdc power supplies to facilitate connection of any accessory; in-built traffic light controls eliminating the need to purchase an additional controller to regulate vehicle and pedestrian traffic; status indication to inform security personnel whether the boom pole is down, open or moving; adjustable time delay for the boom pole to close after a vehicle leaves the loop or beam, preventing accidents; adjustable auto close time; and memory input to increase throughput of cars.