Rotech Group Pty Ltd  presents a range of 12vdc industrial gate operators featuring adjustable speeds and battery back-up.

The D5 EVO sliding gate operators are designed for industrial applications that demand fast operating speeds combined with a user-friendly LCD control panel for easy programming.

The D5 EVO comes with battery back-up as standard for complete peace of mind during storms or other power failure situations. Solar panel kits are also available.

D5 EVO sliding gate operators offer a high speed of opening at 22 metres per second, and have the capability to open a 6m gate in just 16 seconds. The independently adjustable opening and closing speeds as well as the ramp up/ramp down functions allow the gate to be opened at full speed and closed at a slower rate to help reduce accidents and damage to the gate.

The control panel allows the installer a quick and easy way to program numerous functions simply by clicking through the intuitive menu. An optional memory module records the set up parameters of the control panel, and is plugged into the operator when commissioning the system to ensure all parameters and radio transmitter codes are recorded.

D5 EVO sliding gate operators come with several options to suit different requirements and include control of pillar lights, gate operating modes, a 7-day timer to time bar or activate physical inputs and individual radio transmitters, which allow access to people during the working week, and restrict access over the weekends or after hours.

Key features of D5 EVO sliding gate operators:

  • Achieves opening speeds up to 22m per minute
  • Adjustable opening and closing speeds for safety
  • Rolling code high security Nova radio receiver built into the control panel
  • Two 4-button transmitters supplied to operate any system inputs
  • Individual transmitters can be added or deleted from the receiver memory
  • Safety sensing and control of the open and closed position provided through the DOSS operating system
  • Fully sealed control panel to prevent ingress of dirt and insects
  • Diagnostic LCD display aids fault finding
  • Control panel monitors safety circuits to ensure correct and safe operation of the gate operator
  • Remote status indication shows gate position, battery low, power failure and multiple collision detection