Thanks to increased building approval rates and sustained national and international investment, the current boom in Australia’s construction industry is set to continue. This trend requires builders, developers, specifiers, and designers to adapt to the mounting speed of the market in order to produce high-performing buildings despite tighter timelines. With practical strategies to help increase speed, systematise efficiency and address compatibility, it is possible to profit from, and succeed in, the current condition of the construction industry.

Better, faster, stronger: Understanding the demands of contemporary construction culture is a whitepaper that seeks to equip professionals with a synopsis of the industry’s climate and presents strategic responses. It outlines how speed, efficiency and performance can enhance the quality of the building and satisfaction of the client while remaining adherent to Australian building codes.

The growing demand for speed, efficiency and performance has lead to the development of new, innovative construction products and technologies. By minimising specialist tools and skills, construction can progress rapidly while efficiency can be achieved by considering performance, cost, streamlined processes and diverse compatibility at each step of the process. In addition to durability and longevity, this whitepaper outlines how today’s buildings must be fit for purpose and comply with building guidelines.

Additionally, this whitepaper demonstrates how products that are easy to install can significantly streamline and speed up the construction process. It uses the example of proudly Australian manufactured steel products from Rondo, whose catalogue of high performance framing solutions now includes the revolutionary SNAP-LOCK and FAST-FIX Noggings which have been designed to be fitted after the Stud and Track is installed, saving both time and money.

To learn more about Rondo’s unique product offering and how these meet the demands of contemporary construction culture, download this free whitepaper