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    Ceiling systems

    Rondo KEY-LOCK® Concealed Suspended Ceiling System

    Versatile suspended ceiling system offering a high-quality structure with a flush, flawless or featured finish

    Features & Benefits:

    • Available in both direct fix and suspension applications
    • Specifically designed locking and suspension clips simplify the assembly of components
    • Mid-span joiners for both primary rail and furring channel sections eliminates waste, and speeds up erection time
    • A range of furring channels, battens and primary rails allows for variable spanning and spacing options
    • Ability to hold multiple layers of board due to its high-quality structure

    Suitable for: 

    • Flush plasterboard ceilings
    • Direct fix or fully suspended applications 
    • Fire-rated or non-fire rated systems 
    • Curved ceilings, bulkheads, acoustic and seismic design 
    • External soffit applications by design

    Rondo DUO® Exposed Grid Ceiling System

    An exposed ceiling grid system that easily integrates with other Rondo suspended ceiling systems in the same plane

    Features & Benefits:

    • Engineered for fast assembly on site
    • Double rows of embossed stitching on Main Tees and Cross Tees to increase strength
    • Main Tee slots every 100mm for Cross Tees providing extra layout flexibility
    • Tile-white exposed face colour with compliments the vast majority of standard ceiling panel colours
    • Specifically designed wall angle and stabiliser clips
    • Available in pre-finished steel

    Suitable for: 

    • Steel Ceiling Grid Systems
    • Aluminum Ceiling Grid Systems
    • Drop-in Configurations
    • One-way semi-concealed configurations
    • Acoustic, Bulkhead and Seismic Designs
    • Lineal diffusers

    Rondo Xpress® Drywall Grid System 

    The Rondo Xpress® Drywall Grid System is light-weight and simple to install. 

    The Main Tee and Cross Tee connection uses the same patented QRC clip technology that is known and preferred by installers and found in the Rondo DONN® Exposed Grid System. 

    With an ability to be used in acoustic, seismic and fire-rated applications, the Rondo XPRESS® Drywall Grid System offers design flexibility for flush ceilings, bulkheads and boxed soffits. 

    Suitable for:

    • Concealed ceiling systems
    • Plasterboard, fibrous plaster and the fibre cement linings
    • Direct fix or fully suspended applications
    • Seamless transitions from a concealed to exposed grid ceilings
    • Bulkheads and boxed soffits
    • Corridors, without the use of suspension hangers
    • Fire-rated applications
    • Seismic requirements
    • Acoustic requirements

    Special Features:

    • Surface Finish: Z275 galvanised
    • Easy integration with Rondo Exposed Grid Ceiling Systems
    • Accepts conventional light fixtures, air conditioning services and access panels
    • Main Tee and Cross Tee clips have a secure connection and are easy to remove and relocate
    • QRC Clip Technology 

    Rondo also has the following other ceiling systems available:


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