Rondo prides itself on providing innovative products, and industry-leading design solutions for even the most complex projects

Leaders in simplifying complex designs with code compliant solutions

With a recent increase in focus on compliance in the Australian construction industry, a superior product is only half the equation to delivering a quality project.

Effective wall and ceiling design is just as important, and Rondo is leading the way in supporting builders and contractors to understand, install and deliver compliant projects, which (for contractors) is fast becoming an important expectation from project partners across the industry.

Rondo’s team of Design Engineers approach designs with the firm knowledge that no two projects are the same but consist of countless variables determining the details of a truly compliant design, which cannot be achieved using standard calculations.

Rondo’s General Manager of Engineering Design Service, Dane Griffin, believes that “each and every project is different; even if they are only small, the differences are there. There is a skill in defining and leveraging efficiencies out of the beneficial project idiosyncrasies and this is what Rondo’s Design Engineers do well.”

Rondo design

Rondo is passionate about supporting compliance along the course of a project, providing product specification assistance to architects, wall and ceiling design to builders and contractors, and on-site support to installers implementing Rondo designs. 

Raising the bar on product quality and superior roll-forming

From iconic ceiling systems to cutting-edge wall systems and accessories, the Rondo name has always been synonymous with quality.

“For the last 20 years we have asked our customers to rate the quality of our products to ensure we continually meet their expectations. Each year product quality has exceeded a rating of 4.5 out of 5 and this year the average satisfaction rating was 4.69. We communicate these results throughout our business, and everyone is proud of the role they play in achieving them. It’s a benchmark we aim to uphold well into the future,” explains Rondo Group Marketing Manager, Melanie Picken. 

Rondo execution

To ensure Rondo products not only meet customer expectations, but also exceed all Australian standards and necessary building codes, they are produced on high-tech roll-forming machines and undergo a rigorous quality assurance process at Rondo’s main manufacturing facility in Erskine Park, NSW. With state-of-the-art machinery, Rondo’s roll-forming operation is highly flexible, versatile, and increasingly innovative.

“Our people are highly focused on the importance of quality standards and processes along the whole course of production, conducting programs like preventative and proactive maintenance on our machinery, to consistently ensure high-quality product output. This is a crucial step in our thorough quality assurance process,” says General Manager of Group Operations, Darren Brown.

Not only can Rondo produce its large standard range of products at fast rates, but they can also manufacture a vast variety of products that cater for more niche project requirements. Doing so will allow everyone from the supplier, through to the contractor, and eventually all building occupants of the completed project to experience the benefits of these high-quality and wide-ranging products.

A perfect example is Rondo’s popular steel stud, precision engineered to include key safety and efficiency features that include protective bellmouth service holes, knurls, and industry-first hemmed edges.

Knowledge is power

Complementing Rondo’s powerful product and service offering is their significant investment in training and continued education for Rondo installers and product distributors, as well as educational and training institutions such as AWCI.

The Rondo SKILLS program offers multi-level training on a range of wall and ceiling systems, and is designed to upskill each user’s technical capability, including an understanding of product applications, installation methods and more complex designs. 

Available through an online training platform as well as in-person practical training sessions, Rondo has shown its support of continual learning in the industry by launching a Rondo SKILLS Merchandise Store. Users earn ‘Rondo Coins’ after completing a SKILLS training course and can use them to purchase merchandise from the online store and have it sent directly to them.

At the core of sustainability

Since 2007, Rondo has been a member of the Sustainability Advantage program run by the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water. As part of this commitment Rondo has developed a comprehensive, multi-product Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which provides customers with important data on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for over 300 products.

Increasing concern from end users and other stakeholders has seen a demand for environmental transparency and Rondo as always, is focused on delivering valuable information to their customers.