Four products from Rondo were specified for a highly challenging facility upgrade project in Antarctica. Located on Ross Island, the Antarctica NZ Stage 2 Hillary Field Centre, Scott Base was being upgraded as part of a $6.2 million project contracted to Leighs Construction.

A key objective of the upgrade was to enhance the science capabilities that could be conducted in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. The two-level 1800m² logistics facility would introduce high quality on-site science facilities that prolonged the time available for scientific analysis on the ice out to the full 12 months of each year.

Given the remoteness of the location, space and limited logistical movements to and from Antarctica, the builder, Leighs Construction sought a minimal number of inventory lines from Rondo that would be sufficient for the upgrade.

The Rondo New Zealand team offered easy, efficient access to all products by providing a ‘one stop shop’ for all of the project’s internal framing needs. In order to meet the design specifications, Rondo supplied steel stud drywall framing systems, KEY-LOCK concealed suspended ceiling systems, EXANGLE finishing sections and PANTHER access panels for the internal walls and ceilings.

This upgrade included three new on-site laboratories, mobile container laboratories, doubling of the field deployment preparation area, increased freezer space for holding field samples, a workstation area for up to 15 people, three meeting rooms and a breakout space for the Antarctic science community.

The increased capacity of the specialised external laboratories and other facilities will help boost effective science exploration in Antarctica.

Image: Scott Base, located on Ross Island in Antarctica - Photo by Jenny Ryan ©Antarctica New Zealand Pictorial Collection, 2014-15