The recent completion of the much-anticipated Sofitel hotel in Adelaide marks the first internationally recognised hotel built in the city in over 30 years.

The $150m, 32-storey mixed-use tower was spectacularly delivered as a Design & Construct project via Palumbo Group. The glass-walled building, one of the tallest in Adelaide, has earned a prominent place in the city’s skyline and is a significant example of how Rondo's unrivalled design services produce some of the very best results in streamlining project requirements and cost efficiencies.

Upper-level residential apartments of the building were designed to take in the sweeping views of the city through the generously large openings, an essential element to the luxury feel.

High wind loads presented construction challenges for the large openings, prompting Rondo Design Engineers to deliver design solutions for framing around sliding balcony doors, which included the installation of MAXItrack, our slotted deflection head track, along with framing using Rondo MAXIjamb and MAXIframe external wall framing system.

This strengthened the external walls, allowing loads to be transferred out to the frame whilst eliminating the requirement for additional structural steel that would in some cases also require additional contractors to be introduced to site, incurring added time and costs.

For the seismic compliance requirements in the apartments, the original, non-Rondo seismic ceiling design specification outlined a design that had two levels, with part of the ceiling having a greater drop, to be achieved using two frames made of Steel Stud & Track.

Rondo Design Engineers produced an alternative to this ceiling design with our Rondo KEY-LOCK system, which required only one ceiling to support the plasterboard. This streamlined the construction, saving on installation time and costs.

Our KEY-LOCK concealed suspended ceiling system perfectly integrated into the seismic ceiling solution, which is backed by our seismic testing program consisting of full-scale testing at an independent laboratory in New Zealand.

Rondo’s alternative, value-engineered designs also allowed the reduction of unnecessary medium gauge studwork through the corridors and internal walls by applying project-specific wind pressure calculations, in conjunction with the installation of our Steel Stud & Track.

Rondo’s local Technical Sales Representative provided on-site support to Palumbo and contractors with frequent site visits to assist with Rondo engineered designs and providing real-time support for obstacles that had emerged during construction.

A city defined by a cultural spirit brimming with a passion for fine wine, gastronomy, music and design, the Adelaide CBD was the perfect destination for the Sofitel brand. We are proud to have been part of a project that has delivered world-renowned luxury and French-style hospitality to Adelaide.

Featured Rondo Products:

  • Maxiframe External Wall Framing System
  • Key-Lock Concealed Ceiling System
  • Steel Stud & Track Framing System