Rondo  introduces their new range of sound-rated access panels made of high quality materials in a unique design.  

Rondo’s new PANTHER sound rated access panels feature a polymer frame, which is up to 30% lighter than conventional steel-framed panels in the market, ensuring faster and more cost-effective installation.  

PANTHER sound rated access panels feature an injection-moulded one-piece polymer frame that ensures a smooth finish with no sharp edges. The access panels are safer to handle while the unique design allows replacement of doors with different locks without any modification to the frame.  

The new polymer framed panel complies with the strict requirements of Clause C1.10 of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) with respect to Fire Hazard Properties.  

The acoustic performance of the sound rated access panels achieves Rw30 rating.  

Installation is a simple process wherein the set bead frame is simply screw-fixed through the surround beads eliminating the need to remove or open the door.  

Special removable barriers are fitted around the door perimeter, allowing the plasterer to achieve a clean, sharp finish in less time.  

Simple-to-follow installation instructions are supplied with each panel.