The new BETAFIL clips for wall partitions were developed by Rondo and Polyair Insulation to accommodate double layer reflective membrane insulation, in order to satisfy requirements of the Building Code of Australia. 

The NCC 2011 Energy Efficiency standards for external commercial concrete wall construction now state that two layers of insulation are required in addition to the internal lining board. This results in 3 air gaps that enable the installation of the mandatory thermal control barrier within the wall partitions.

Rondo BETAFIL clips can be secured to the inner face of the concrete wall with a fixing adhesive, and adjusted correctly to the inner layer of insulation with an incorporated tab. The next layer is then positioned by the spacers the installer adheres to the prongs of the clip.

BETAFIL patented fixing points allow Rondo 129 Furring Channel to be secured plumb prior to the screw fixing of the lining board. Furring Channel is then installed vertically with the BETAFIL clip spaced at a maximum of 1200mm apart.