The new 390 swivel ceiling clips from Rondo have been designed to simplify the installation of Rondo 301 Ceiling Batten in areas where the set out requires a change of roof truss direction.

With the ability to rotate 3600, the Rondo 390 swivel clips allow onsite contractors to easily turn the ceiling batten on an angle that suits the change in roof truss direction.

Adding on to the popular features of existing Rondo batten clips, the 390 swivel clips also incorporate a temporary holding tab that allows the clip to be tapped into the timber truss when positioned at the required level.

With the tab holding the clip in place, the installer is free to use both hands to put two permanent fixings through the clip and into the timber truss.

These Rondo 390 swivel ceiling clips have been thoroughly tested and proven to meet all relevant standard requirements.